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Taylor Rose was established in the summer of 2015 by Sapir Arie, who decided to go after their dream. They set for themselves deliberate rules to follow on their journey to success.

The guiding principle was embracing the woman’s body and emphasizing her most sexy places in a colorful, young and innovative way, so that women would feel beautiful and empowered.

In addition, one of the specialties Taylor Rose is famous for are the raw materials, including fabrics and accessories, designed by Sapir and Elinor and custom made for Taylor Rose.

In December 2015 the flagship store was opened, as well as the production line, which includes a 200-square-meter fashion house, as well as a workshop that employs hand picked stylists and designers with decades of experience in the field.

In the Taylor Rose flagship store you will find a selection of bathing suits, beach wear collection, casual clothes, sportswear and evening wear tailored according to the customers’ preferences and personal qualities.

Taylor Rose markets to Israel and the rest of the world in a wholesale and private manner.

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